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Below is an an honest and transparent look into the experiences of real customers. We share reviews and testimonials on our website and social media channels, as we believe that it gives potential customers a realistic insight into the level of service you can expect when working with us.

Senior Financial Advisor
Khoury & Associates

"The SIVOXI® team is dependable and professional."

Since launching the promotional website built by SIVOXI®, the client never experienced any problems. In addition, they structured and presented the site based on the client’s strict requirements. Throughout the project, the team communicated regularly with the client and provided frequent updates.

Marketing Manager
iStore South Africa

"Their quick turnaround time is also advantageous to us due to our fast-paced environment."

SIVOXI® has helped the client implement and launch their digital marketing assets as scheduled. They are detail-oriented and follow the provided brief, which is important for the client. Moreover, they manage the project seamlessly and communicate effectively.

Former Editorial Director

"SIVOXI® valued our ideas and creatively delivered our requirements."

A feedback- and result-oriented partner, SIVOXI® delivered an engaging website that mirrored their client’s branding and impressed internal stakeholders. The team was also lauded for employing an upfront and collaborative approach, paving the way for a smooth-sailing and harmonious engagement.

Project & Property Manager
S. Giuricich Holdings

"They keep a very open stream of communication, making it very easy to work with them."

Stakeholders are extremely pleased with the site developed by SIVOXI®. In particular, users are satisfied with the site’s design and easy upload feature. The team’s collaborative and responsive approach allows them to complete deliverables in a timely manner, leading to an ongoing partnership.

Divisional Manager

"SIVOXI® put everything in place and delivered a platform in line with our very bespoke project requirements."

The management site has launched and remains in constant iteration. SIVOXI® is on retainer due to their expert delivery of quality development so far. Their timeliness and ability to understand complex requirements made them a valuable partner.

Lank Chilled

"It’s refreshing to work with people you’re aligned with and can get the job done."

The client praises SIVOXI® for the attention to detail and ability to reproduce existing materials in a technical environment. SIVOXI® provided responsive communication and constant updates, demonstrating the value they have for transparency. Customers can expect a committed partner.

General Manager
Prestige Adhesives

“Their ability to craft and implement their algorithms and formulas was fantastic.”

The work SIVOXI® did has streamlined their client’s process, overall. The team is diligent, organized, and thorough. Customers can expect an efficiently managed project from a team of seasoned experts.

Allied Paint Solutions

"I was very detailed with the design since color and paint are our business, and they were very good with them."

Multiple types of stakeholders have stated their positive feelings about the website, including the client’s supplier. SIVOXI® impressed with their attention to detail and client-focused process, providing multiple solutions. Customers can expect a flexible partner that delivers on requirements.
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