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Technology that reaches, teaches, and grows future generations. Our schools and universities need great education solutions that’ll enable them to grow and make the contribution to society that they aspire to. By partnering with academic clients, we develop solutions that simplify sign-ups, lessons, academics, tracking, and support from every angle.


Using cutting-edge technologies to streamline acquisition and claims processes, we help automotive players take advantage of competitive advantages and reduce loss.


 Connecting and sharing data, attracting participants from both sides of the value chain, and fostering the co-creation of value are central to smart platform development.

Industrial, agriculture, mining and energy

Smart technology and converged data are used to manage commercial and human risk. Mines, manufacturing, and construction can utilize technology to improve safety, reduce delays, improve asset management, and improve their ROI. With support ranging from strategy and design to technology implementation, we assist industrial enterprises with their service and process digitisation needs.

Retail and consumer services

Creating a digital client experience for retailers. By delivering meaningful digital experiences, we help brands keep pace with rapidly changing consumer expectations. Utilizing data and analytics to better understand the always-connected client, we streamline operational systems to optimize processes and employee performance.

Sports, entertainment, media and lifestyle

A digital audience that is reached and empowered. By helping clients in the media sector understand and utilize modern technologies, we’re driving down costs and upending strategies for delivering content. Automation has the potential to fundamentally change how advertising is served and how consumers are understood.

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