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Our solutions are priced in a variety of ways

The pricing of each project varies depending on the features and complexity of the project. To achieve our clients’ goals, we perform an in-depth assessment of their needs and goals. No project is the same. Some of the solutions we offer include channels that serve as a vehicle to achieve certain goals. By analyzing your goals and researching the market, we can provide a solution to accomplish them.

Our pricing models

Fixed price

How you will be billed

Contractual pricing determines what you pay.

Best suited for:

Small software development projects with clear and stable requirements.

Time & Material
(with or without a cap)

How you will be billed

An invoice is generated based on the reported hours or efforts of the month (under the stated upper limit if time & material has a cap).

Best suited for:

Activities such as business analysis, architecture design, our hybrid agile-waterfall software development and implementation, and the evolution of existing software (introducing substantial changes or adding new features).

Fixed monthly fee

How you will be billed

A monthly invoice is generated based on the agreed hours or efforts of the month.

Best suited for:

Maintenance and support activities such as bug fixing and certain functional changes.

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Our process

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