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Proactive security, driven by AI

Pexels Henry
Security cameras have become an essential tool in recording and tracking crime but what if there was a way to stop the crime before it happened? Sounds too good to be true…

Shikhar Shrestha and Vikesh Khanna set out to do exactly that. They have changed security cameras from a reactive to a proactive tool through the creation of uses artificial intelligence technology to record, track and monitor the behaviour of humans. can track several scenarios including medical issues, tailgating, perimeter breaches and weapons.

We forget that the biggest hinderance to security cameras is, of course, humans. According to the team: “After 12 minutes of continuous video monitoring an operator will miss up to 45% of screen activity. After 22 minutes of continuous viewing, up to 95% of screen activity is overlooked.”

Could this AI technology truly do what it is set out to achieve? Only time will tell.


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