Sivoxi Company

The foundation: alignment & synergy
We believe that any successful business venture is rooted in an alignment of vision and sentiment with identifiable synergies.

We work closely with you to determine first-and-foremost that both businesses are a great fit and can benefit from each others' expertise and resources.
A unique idea
Investors and the general public get excited about the words "new and innovative." However, if the market is saturated with hundreds of similar products, or there is no particular need for the core product we are looking to develop and distribute, then the odds of the venture succeeding sit relatively low.

The idea itself is reviewed and discussed to ensure that, amongst other things, it is feasible, has it's own unique selling point ("USP") and a large or scalable target market.

In essence, will we have a competitive advantage in a profitable market.
Business plan & investment structure
In collaboration, we will prepare a detailed and well thought-out business plan and investment structure. The business plan will provide a written roadmap for the company from marketing, financial, and operational standpoints. The investment structure will be discussed to ensure a fair resource investment by both companies, which can be in the form of cash or other.
Documented & signed
Investing in a company is a big decision as it has many financial and legal ramifications. That is why a well-drafted agreement is essential to ensure that the new venture is designed for longevity and is built on a solid foundation.

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