Sivoxi Company


Our client, a prominent paint importing company, needed to find a way to seamlessly allow its distributors and their respective customers to digitally manage orders and distribution. Although this platform has traditional “eCommerce” features, there is a host of highly complex features unique to the company and their distribution network.

Note: Although this product can be found on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is not available to the public as it is operating in the client’s closed ecosystem.
Case Studies

Client industry


Constraints and challenges


Over-the-phone ordering by clients, which is susceptible to human error.


Limited data and no real-time analytics.


Limited ability to manage and update the master product listing.


Limited ability to manage and monitor distributors and customers.

Expertise provided


This enterprise-level project consisted of 3 (three) web applications (Super Admin, Distributor, and Customer portals) as well as 2 (two) mobile applications (Android and iOS applications for customers).


Custom software

UX/UI design

Website Case Studies

Customer portals and mobile app

Customers are able to, amongst other things, utilize either the Customer Web Portal, iOS Mobile App or Android Mobile App to order products, monitor order status and view their historical order analytics.
SIVOXI Website Case Studies

Distribution web portal and Super Admin web portal

Distributors are able to, amongst other things, edit which products their associated customers can order, view and manage their customers’ orders as well as view historical order analytics associated with their customers.

The Super Admin is able to manage platform-wide information, including but not limited to, all orders, distributors, customers, analytics as well as the master product listing.


The following frameworks and technologies were engaged to complete this project.