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Award winning software development company, now in the heart of Sandton

SIVOXI, the award-winning software development company has moved to the heart of Sandton.
Change is in the air at SIVOXI as our Joburg team embarks on an exciting journey to a new office space in Sandton. This move comes with a fresh perspective, a renewed commitment to client satisfaction, and a more conducive environment for seamless collaboration. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind this decision and the remarkable benefits it brings.


A Glimpse at the Space

When you first step through the doors of Katherine & West you’re met with a modern airy foyer. The open-plan entrance provides ample seating and simple yet impactful decor. To the left is an elegant cafe that clients and team
alike enjoy.


The SIVOXI suite is located on the 4th floor. A classy reception area leads you into the main office space. A dedicated space for our team to perform their various tasks in a collaborative way. Two boardrooms and a private office branch off from the main space. The highlight of this office is the beautiful cityscapes that can be seen from almost anywhere in the communal office. Elegant splashes of green are scattered throughout the otherwise white and airy office. The space sports a sleek modern look without feeling clinical.


Why SIVOXI made the move?

There comes a time when every company outgrows their space and starts a new chapter, and SIVOXI is no different.

Outgrowing Our Previous Space:

Our previous office was a testament to growth and success. The spacious layout, while a sign of our expanding presence, eventually presented a unique challenge. The sprawling expanse meant that different teams had to share spaces, which sometimes hindered effective communication and collaboration. This, in turn, led us to seek a more suitable environment that would foster better interaction and teamwork.

Embracing Sandton’s Dynamic Atmosphere:

Sandton, known as the economic powerhouse of Johannesburg, was the natural choice for our new location. With its vibrant business landscape and strategic positioning, Sandton provides the ideal backdrop for our continued growth and innovation. The bustling streets, world-class amenities, and modern infrastructure create an environment that aligns perfectly with SIVOXI’s values and ambitions.


A Space Tailored for Client Validity:

The move to Sandton isn’t just about changing addresses; it’s about enhancing the client experience. Our new office has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate client meetings and presentations. This dedicated space showcases our commitment to providing an environment where clients feel valued and heard. Now, we can offer firsthand demonstrations of our solutions and engage in face-to-face interactions that foster deeper connections.

Cultivating Seamless Collaboration:

The layout of our new office emphasises collaboration. Various departments now have designated areas that encourage cross-functional teamwork. The proximity of teams and the open, inviting spaces will undoubtedly catalyse the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking. We firmly believe that by fostering a culture of collaboration, we can create solutions that are even more robust and dynamic.


Thoughts from the team

In Matthew’s words “The space is cosy, it’s the perfect size for our team right now,” He emphasizes how this central Sandton location serves as a statement of our commitment to delivering world-class services. The ability to invite clients to meet the team in our own dedicated space adds a personal touch that sets the stage for meaningful interactions.


Our previous office was housed in a space that once belonged to a large professional firm, resulting in excessive size that hindered effective collaboration. Sharing it with another company created disconnection among our teams. The pivotal change to our new office, purposefully designed for collaboration, has redefined our dynamics.


The well-run building and its vibrant community of friendly staff and fellow tenants amplify our work environment’s positive energy. Unlike the open expanse of our past space, our new setting offers a much cosier atmosphere that truly fosters connection.


As Matthew notes, this office space isn’t necessarily our final destination, but it’s a strategically chosen long-term solution. “SIVOXI is growing really rapidly. The potential for growth in the company is so big, we might grow out of this space sooner than expected.” Says Matthew. For the foreseeable future, it perfectly aligns with our evolving needs. Flexibility remains key, and the dynamic nature of our industry ensures that change is constant.


Arianna, echoing the sentiment, highlights how the new office intricately suits SIVOXI’s line of work, actively encouraging collaboration. Emphasizing Sandton’s role as a thriving hub for growing businesses.


Looking ahead, Arianna envisions our new space evolving into a more branded and personalized SIVOXI haven. While the potential for making it our permanent base of operations is exciting, Arianna acknowledges that the space needs to embrace our identity fully to cement its place as our permanent space. “If we’re willing to make it our permanent base of operations, it’ll become our permanent space.”


In sum, our shift to the Sandton office epitomizes a new chapter for SIVOXI, one defined by purposeful design, enhanced collaboration, and a welcoming environment that resonates with our team’s values and aspirations.


In essence, our new office space in Sandton is more than just a change in location – it’s a strategic move to amplify the benefits that a well-designed workspace brings to both our business and our dedicated team members.


As we settle into our new office space, we’re excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Our move to Sandton not only signifies our commitment to providing excellent client service but also our dedication to continuous improvement. With a space that facilitates communication, collaboration, and creativity, we’re poised to push boundaries, exceed expectations, and deliver results that make a difference.


The relocation of SIVOXI’s Joburg team to Sandton is more than a change of scenery; it’s a strategic move that prioritizes client satisfaction, collaboration, and growth. Our new space sets the stage for innovative breakthroughs and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions. As we embrace this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Welcome to the future of SIVOXI in Sandton!


It’s clear that the move to a new office was the right decision for everyone at SIVOXI. Between the amazing location, building amenities and office layout, SIVOXI is sure to grow and thrive in the new space. The team is excited to grow into the space and clients finally have a place to see what SIVOXI is all about.


We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Whether you’re a client looking to explore the potential of our solutions or a fellow professional interested in collaboration, our doors are open. Feel free to connect with us through our website, where you can explore our offerings and get in touch:


You can also reach out to us via email at


or give us a call at +27 60 803 9067 Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00 CAT


Thank you for being a part of SIVOXI’s continued growth and evolution. We look forward to the innovations, partnerships, and transformative experiences that await in our new Sandton home.



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