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SIVOXI™ is a B2B software development company. Ranked as a “5 star” company on Clutch, the leading B2B ratings platform, SIVOXI™ is named as one of the most prominent South African B2B companies for software development and UX/UI design.

Known for our artificial intelligence specialty, our passion lies in crafting complex algorithms for software developments rooted in artificial intelligence. We start by consulting on your software requirements and end with deploying software customized for your business’ specific needs. This also means we are capable of stepping in at any stage of your software development journey: consulting, design, development, deployment and/or maintenance.

Over the years we’ve helped start-ups and established enterprises to succeed at the art of innovation, by combining the best parts of logic and creativity. Let us do the same for you.

We are recognised as leaders in the market:

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Where we started and where we are today

Our journey started the same as yours. We wanted what everyone else wanted – our very own app for our brilliant idea. Did we know what we were getting ourselves into? Absolutely not (we did not know this at the time). What went wrong? Absolutely everything!

Inexperienced and with no guidance, we ventured into what felt like the metaverse alone. This overwhelming experience caused us to have a false start. Did this cause us to give up? Not a chance. We struggled through and learned to “play-the-game” the hard way.

Although this is how our story began, it is not the story we are living today. Today we can reflect back and say that what was once our handicap has now become our strength.

Today our strength is your vantage point. Armed with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we are able to provide you with the relevant technical and practical guidance you need to make your software development a success.

We understand the expectations that you have for the software you want to develop and we know what it takes to get it done.

Our Founder and CEO


Gregory Khoury CA(SA)

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

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In 2016 I established SIVOXI™, initially just an app, which has since evolved into a leading B2B tech company specializing in designing and developing software solutions which utilize the different facets of Artificial Intelligence.

The technical knowledge I gained from the CA (SA) programme, coupled with my ability to apply a mix of quantitative and qualitative problem-solving techniques and interpersonal skills, has been a big part of the company’s success.

My passion for software and what it is capable of and my desire to design and develop new age digital solutions is at the forefront of every project we work on.