We create high-end tech solutions, from how it looks, to how it works.

Analysis & Research

We start at the very beginning – the idea. Whether you’ve had an idea or have asked us to come up with the solution to your challenge, we look into its practicality and feasibility. Once we’ve established that, we do research about competitor products, supporting technology and the target market.

This becomes the foundation for the user experience (UX) design and product engineering phase.

Software Design

We make sure that your web application, app, or custom software is fast, user-friendly, and visually attractive. That’s the overall user experience (‘UX’), including the ease of navigation, which is considered throughout this phase. It also involves outlining the scope, developing the data flow and wireframes, and design of the user interface (‘UI’), which is what whoever uses your product will see in front of them.

Software Development

Once we’re happy and have tested that we’ve designed something that allows the user to interact with the software in an easy and intuitive way, we start building the software. At SIVOXI™ we use the best local talent, with international expertise, to complete our world-class developments.

Software Consulting

Planning to invest in or develop custom software to steer your business ahead? Whether you are a start-up or operate an SME, our team of field dedicated coders, software developers with skills and expertise of working across different platforms will assist you, right from ideation through development to launch, ensuring a higher return on investment.

From helping you with making critical decisions on – UI/UX design, user flow testing, wireframe, and logic design to determining the software practicality, SIVOXI™ is right by your side. We will help you make a well-informed decision for long term scalability.

We understand the apprehension that comes with the term “consulting”, but SIVOXI™ guarantees transparent communication. We believe in working alongside the clients.

You can trust upon SIVOXI™ in being your steadfast partner in the software development journey assuring a profitable outcome.

Maintenance & Support

Once we’ve created your software, we want to make sure it’s always up to date and working perfectly. That’s why we offer one month of free bug-fixes and support once the product has gone live. We also provide software maintenance agreements for all our completed developments. Depending on the scope of the maintenance services required, clients of all sizes can get support services within a comfortable price range.