Software Design (UX and UI), Software Development

SIVOXI™ created a new brand identity for MJD Law, a law firm that specialises in cross-border transactions.

MJD Law approached SIVOXI™ to help it transition from a tech limited brand to a law firm empowered by tech. The focus of the website was not only to promote the services which MJD Law offers, but to provide prospective clients with an efficient and simple process to onboarding process.

It was vital that the new identity should be bold and ownable, had a direct connection to Africa, and have the ability to translate seamlessly into their product.

SIVOXI™’s new identity for MJD Law is inspired by iconic African imagery. These instantly evoke the excitement of doing cross-border work into Africa and help paint a picture for customers and clients.

SIVOXI™’s bold new graphic language embraces both the professionalism of the firm and the feeling of adventure that cross-border work brings. It includes a stylised logo that combines the African continent and the MJD Law word mark. The strapline ‘Your portal into Africa’ emphasizes the firm’s expertise in penetrating the African market from both a legal and business perspective.

Evoking all the anticipation and excitement of cross-border transactions, SIVOXI™ has designed a striking identity for MJD Law, which, combined with the seamless online environment created for its clients, will ensure that it stands out in the competitive world of legal services.

This project was a HTML5 and WordPress development.