Allied Paint Solutions




Analysis & Research, Software Design (UX and UI), Software Development

Allied Paint Solutions (“APS“) was founded in 2015 and is a wholly owned South African company and is the home of Sikkens Southern Africa and the custodians of AkzoNobel’s world class brands.

APS required a custom-built website that appropriately showcased their world class brands and their respective product information and specifications whilst conforming with our global corporate identity guidelines. The design of which was inspired by their international partner site which needed to be further customized to their business and clientele.

The APS website is data intensive as it required a significant amount of information which they needed to relay to their current and potential clients. Due to this, the website was structured in a manner which allowed users to easily navigate through the layers of content and find what they are looking for with a large focus on the products and other services which APS offers.

The product pages included imagery, descriptions, downloadable technical files and a video (where necessary).

while the services pages included imagery, descriptions, videos and a call-to-action.

Due to the high volume of distributors under the APS brand, the Contact Us page featured a ‘hot-spotted’ map, which is clickable and will display the relevant distributors located in that area.

The APS website is modern, sharp and vibrant. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this website together with the APS team.