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The LFP Group wanted to build web-based platforms to easily administrate and manage their learnership data and cater for remote learning.

We provided an ‘all-in-one’ custom solution for this by combining a complex Learner Management System (“LMS“) with a “Off-Campus” platform. The LMS has many layers of data which needed to be considered, with all database lists needing to be intergrated and functioning appropriately together to ensure that the relevant and live reporting could be extracted easily and issued to their clients. The Off-Campus platform (“Campus“) was utilised for learners who were unable to attend the on-site campuses and needed to complete their learnership remotely.

The LMS was built to align and integrate multiple data sets in a simple interface. The data sets include learners, clients, qualifications (courses), facilitators and assessors. The data is linked to determine which learners are associated to which qualifications, clients and campus as well as which assessors and facilitators are associated with which qualification and campus.

Not only did the system associate data points, but by doing this, the user was able to log important information relating to relevant associations, such us inserting learner attendance, qualification progress, submissions and assignment results.

This linking allowed the system to automatically generate important outputs, such as branded attendance registers. Finally, the user was able to insert meaningful information into the LMS which then translated into client reports about their learners and their progress.

The LMS is used by many different users within the company, these included Payroll Management, Campus Management, Facilitators, Assessors and Data Captures, to name a few. The LMS included a Super Admin user, who is able to manage all other user rights within their LMS interface- this provided the client with an easy was to manage their users and cater for staff turnover.

The Campus platform was built to comply with industry regulations to in order to be an ‘accredited’ learnership. One of these was that learners were required to download an assignment, manually complete it, and then upload it back to the platform which then allocated the completed assignment to the appropriate assessor- which is very different to other online learning platforms.

The Campus platform catered solely for learners whose accounts were activated within the LMS. Learners can be added and removed with ease through the LMS.

These platforms have an abundance of features as only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ was mentioned above.

This all-in-one custom platform was challenging, but we were very glad to see it being used in everyday business for the client’s learner administration and to onboard remote learners.

This project was a HTML5, CSS3, .Net and MySQL development.