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Analysis & Research, Software Design (UX and UI), Software Development, Software Consulting

Our client, a prominent paint importing company, needed to find a way to seamlessly allow its distributors and their respective customers to place orders for products and/or submit price enquiries for products they are looking to order.

This sizable project consisted of 3 (three) web applications (super admin, distributor, and customer portals) and 2 (two) mobile applications (Android and iOS applications for customers).

The purpose of the project was to design and develop a software ecosystem which hosts the Acoat “Online Order Placement Platform”.

Each respective distributor can, amongst other things, edit which products their associated customers can order, as well as view their customers’ orders and price enquiries.

The super admin has access to all distributor’s information and the super admin is able to, amongst other things, edit which products any/all customers can order and view all customers’ orders and price enquiries.

This project was a .Net, Native iOS and Native Android development.