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Analysis & Research, Software Design (UX and UI), Software Development, Software Consulting

Prestige Adhesives (“Prestige“) commenced operations in 2007, and has manufacturing facilities in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Their state of the art manufacturing plant based in Olifantsfontein is capable of producing 400 bags of product per hour and makes use of the most advanced technology and equipment imported from Italy.

Prestige required a custom software solution to manage their raw material inventory, determine their recommended daily inventory production numbers on a “per product” basis and to place orders with various suppliers. They also required assistance with the appropriate formulas and algorithms which needed to be integrated into the software to produce accurate reports which could be relied on.

Prior to developing this online platform, Prestige utilized an Excel document to manually calculate and manage their inventory and raw materials.

This platform gave Prestige the ability to monitor their finished product stock levels, compare this to current outgoing orders and determine the volume of finished product which needed to be manufactured. The volume of finished product which needed to be manufactures is then used to generate a “daily production report” which is issued to the manufacturing staff. These finished goods volumes are then used to calculate the raw material needed to manufacture these final products- through the use of weighted formulas.

The raw materials needed to produce the final product is then considered against Prestige’s current raw material inventory levels to determine if additional raw material needs to be ordered to satisfy the volume of finished goods being manufactured. This is handled through the use of an integrated raw material inventory table. The plant manager can then initiate an automatic ordering process to send emails to their respective suppliers.

Finally, once the raw material is received in stock the actual tonnage received can then be inserted for accurate stock monitoring.

This platform was built for Prestige to reduce administration around inventory management (raw material and finished goods) and to-date the operations team at Prestige have ‘thrown-away’ the traditional Excel document and use this platform in everyday business- which we are very excited about!

This project was a HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL development.