What makes for excellent web design? Trends to follow in 2020


In the current day and age, the importance of social media and internet presence is essential when it comes to any company, organization or brand. There is no other platform that enables reach to so many people across so many countries, as fast as the use of technology does. With that being said, though this is a great tool, if used the wrong way, it can be very damaging to a company as well. It is important when doing web design that the party at hand keeps in mind the basic guidelines of making a website look good and true to the brand, while still following popular trends, to touch the intended audience.


In regards to designing a website, the way it looks is very important for obvious reasons, as this is the first thing that people will see when clicking on the website. While the company should use colors and designs that are true to them, and represent the company accurately, making sure that style is a part of the design is crucial as well.

Depending on the time and company, good styles can vary, but one that never goes out of style is the simple, minimalistic method. This is also important because the member wants the website to be easy to use and navigate. It should not be cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary features, as not to confuse the user and make them not want to use the site in totality. 

Many website builders will have standard and simple layouts for creators to use, and depending on the energy of the company, this could be the best fit for the one at hand. When it comes to the wording on the site, when possible, keep it short and sweet, as not to clog the screen with a ton of paragraphs of text that is not needed. Try to get the idea across in as few words as possible, at least on the home screen. Having multiple pages where members can go for more information if they so desire is ideal, as this way, they are not automatically bombarded with a bunch of information until they request to be shown it.


The ability for the user to interact with the website is a must for it helps gain their attention. This can be done in many ways, but it mainly just means making it so the visitors can communicate and interact with the website and the owner. People are a lot more likely to stay with a company or site when they know more and are connected with an actual person and face it because it is a more personal experience. Having things like feedback areas, comment sections and even chat boxes so that people on the site can communicate is a great idea to building an amazing website.


As mentioned above, the importance of having a website that looks presentable is obvious, because this is the first impression that many will get in regards to the site and company itself. Certain colors can be used to create feelings in viewers; for example, blue tends to be a calming, relaxing color, while the color red has shown to make people feel hungry. This is why many food companies have the color red implemented into their logo. These kinds of things should be considered when designing the website to ensure that it is done in a way that is the best fitting for the brand and company at hand.

Aesthetic, however, is a lot more than just colors. It is also the overall tone of how the appearance is in general. For example, a site with black colors, and straight edged boxes and shapes could emit a feeling of sleekness, which might be good for a website specializing or relating to luxury or high end products. For a website that was related to feminine products, a soft, pink aesthetic might do better justice with getting the message across, and resonating with viewers. When it comes to selecting the appropriate aesthetic and layout, the ideas that the company wants to implement, and what feeling they want their viewers to get should be thoroughly considered.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is another crucial element when it comes to website design. This practice makes a website easier to find when looking up certain keywords, which will bring and generate more customers on the website in totality. This can be done by using certain phrases in summaries and the headlines of the pages on the website. There are many platforms and sites that people can use to assist with this process, and some website building sites even have an SEO tool built in, to assist the designer with branding and marketing. 

In addition to SEO, there are many other marketing platforms that people can use to generate more attention to their website. Among this list includes Adwords, which is a platform owned by Google to do the same as SEO. However, in contrast to SEO, Adwords users pay to have their website show up at the top of search engine results on Google, whereas SEO tool users make the site show up higher on any given search engine. Once the previous concepts of making a website better have been implemented, branding tools like these are great to use to keep growth going on with the website itself.

Up to date

Another huge component when it comes to building a successful website is making sure that it and the technology are up to date. This means not only equipping it so that it is compatible with recent devices coming out, but also making sure that it adheres to current trends and popular things going on at present. This is another way to ensure that users stay interested and engaged with the website and its content.

When it comes to making sure that the content is compatible with every device, this just means in regards to designing the website itself. Nowadays, in addition to computers, the majority of people browse the internet on their phones as well. Therefore, it is vital to have a mobile version of the website available, which is equally compatible with the current updates on phones (ios13) etc. This helps ensure that members can access and the features on the website, no matter what platform they are viewing from.

A huge trend that has been on the rise this year and that will continue to be, is videos, specifically ones that are 15 seconds or less. With apps like TikTok becoming wildly popular and successful, any business that wants to do well in the future needs to hop on the trend of sharing video content in short bursts. Part of the reason why this concept has taken off so well, is because of how short it is. Not only are these videos quick and easy to film, but because they are so short, it is very unlikely that the user will lose interest in them, as it isn’t hard to keep someone interested for 15 seconds. Business and website designers should use this tool to display meaningful messages and get their point across in short videos, while still paying the interest of the party watching.

Additionally, in regards to staying on top of current trends, being aware of what’s going on on social media is a good idea as well. There are constantly different kinds of memes and jokes going around on social media, and recently, big corporations have begun making their own social media accounts for their businesses to get in on the jokes as well. This form of marketing appeals to the public very well, as again the reach is huge, and it makes them appear more relatable. 

Recently, the company Popeyes used social media to market their chicken sandwich, and they got millions of sales within the first week due to this tactic as well. Even if one does not see fitting to make an account solely for the company, having an account to view what is trending at the time is a great idea, so it can be seen how it can be used to the advantage of the company and website. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, are the biggest ones that have the most influence and reach.


Overall, things are constantly progressing and moving forward in the world, and when it comes to businesses, online presence and social media in general, this fact is no different. For any business or brand that wants to be successful, a good online presence is crucial. While this may appear to be a bit tough for those who don’t have much experience in the field but following a few fundamental rules, ensures you stay on top of new trends. It is also a great way to ensure one’s website is designed in a way that satisfies all and brings in customers and viewers.

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