The different services offered by tech companies in South Africa

In our modern-day world, most businesses are now not doing everything in their premises as it is not a feasible solution in most cases because of budget-constraints. Such a limitation has given birth to outsourcing, which has now become the new norm for most businesses. Now, most small and medium-sized businesses outsource a significant part of their business because it proves to be cost-effective to them, and they get an expert solution without actually hiring a specialized team. Among all the different services outsourced by an organization, tech services are the most prominent one.

Most business owners are not experts in the technological aspect of their business as they start the business with expertise in their core job, not the technology. In such situations, companies have two options, either to hire an IT team to get things done or to outsource it. Well, hiring a complete IT team is not an affordable solution for small and medium-sized businesses, and that’s why most of the SMEs are now outsourcing such services.

Tech Companies in South Africa provide a wide range of technological services through a team of highly skilled IT professionals who are well-versed in dealing with different IT projects and completing them before the deadline.

To understand tech companies, you need to understand the different services offered by them, and that’s why in this article, we will be looking at the various services provided by tech companies in South Africa.

Graphic Design

Graphic design services provided by tech companies uses visual composition for solving problems and communicating ideas through image, color, form, and typography. You should know that graphic design is a very vast field, and that’s why there are different types of graphic design services offered by a tech company.

Different types of graphic design sometimes overlap each other, but different graphic design requires different skill set, and that’s why most of the tech companies hire a very versatile team of graphic designers to serve the various visual design needs of the customers. The graphic design industry keeps on changing, and that’s why an excellent graphic designer needs to be versatile to match the pace with the changing market. Let’s go through the different types of graphic design.

Software UI Design: The software UI design is the process of making interfaces in software with a focus on style and color. The graphic designers use various designs which make it easy for the user to use. You should know that UX design is also a part of UI design.

Digital Media Design: This section of graphic design includes the creation of animation, images, or effect for videos, computers, and other multi-media outlets. Web design, digital imaging, screenwriting, and media production are some of the essential parts of digital media design.

Custom Software Solution

Customs Software Solutions is one of the primary services offered by a tech company as the world is now totally dependent upon software solutions. In this particular service provided by tech companies, custom software solutions are developed to meet the specific needs of the organization with a custom software solution, a firm will have a competitive advantage in the industry, and it will be able to perform better. Most of the businesses don’t take the hassle of building software solutions on their own as they don’t have the right skill set.

The tech companies offering custom software solution have the right tools and skill set to complete the job professionally, and that’s why most of the firms outsource software development. The main reason why most of the companies now prefer custom-built software solutions is that the out of the box functionalities of commercial products is not able to fulfill all the requirements of the company.

With a custom software solution outsourced to a tech company, businesses can build a brand new functionality that boosts up the internal process while making them effective and efficient. The right custom software solution allows businesses to expand and have a real-time automated solution in their premise.


Another primary service offered by tech companies is website development. The survival of a business in the modern-day world without a website becomes questionable as most of the consumers first prefer searching the site of a company before purchasing its products and services. Many business owners make website designing a DIY task, but most of such businesses are not able to get expected results from their efforts because they don’t have the know-how of creating a responsive and attractive website.

The tech companies have the right people in their organization who have mastered the art of designing responsive, easy to use, and good looking website. If you are going to choose an expert web designing service, then soon you will see your website acting as a magic wand for your business. There are various aspects of a website which one needs to keep in mind, and website designers working in tech companies have the right knowledge to take care of all such elements.

So, if you are running a business and looking forward to capitalizing on the advantages of the website, then you should hire a tech company in South Africa which offers exceptional website designing service. You should make sure to check the past projects of the company and mention a deadline for the completion of the project.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are present on a digital platform, then you won’t be able to survive without SEO as it is the key to be successful on the internet. SEO can be done in different ways like creating backlinks for your website, commenting on high DA, PA websites, guest posting, using keywords, and much more. You should know that the rules of SEO keep on changing, and that’s why sometimes it becomes challenging for businesses to keep an eye on every trend of SEO.

Tech companies offer SEO services to different kinds of business and deliver expected results. Most of the excellent tech companies can help you to climb up in search results and be on the top of the search results, which means increased traffic on your website. The highly qualified and expert SEO experts at tech companies use different types of SEO techniques, and they are always updated with the latest trends.

You should know that the algorithms used by search engines also keep on changing, and only SEO experts can deal with these rapid changes. Your limited budget indeed stops you from hiring a team of SEO experts, but your outsourcing SEO services to a tech company can easily fit like a glove in your limited budget. Getting an expert solution at an economical price is the best you can get.

SIVOXI™ offers the above services, in addition to other technological services. We take pride in our world-class service to a wide range of customers. We offer a tailor-made solution to each client and work as an extended part of their organization during the project to provide what our customers exactly need.

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