As businesses around the world scramble to get the ball rolling with their operations during these unpreceded times, they are turning to tech to find smart solutions to increase productivity whilst minimising the risk of exposure to the coronavirus for their employees.

Whilst most companies have elected to keep their employees safe by working from home indefinitely, others, in contrast, are looking to bring their employees back into their desolate workspaces….

Are you interested in experiencing virtual reality without the hack of needing extra gadgets to make your experience come to life? Well, Spatial has announced that it will be launching support for desktop web browsers, Android and iOS – and the best part is that it is totally free! …

Facebook has introduced its new chatbot, “Blender”, that is able to show empathy, knowledge, and personality.

The artificial intelligence (“AI”) behind Blender has been trained to become human-like by processing 1.5 billion Reddit posts which included countless examples of human exchanges.

How “human” has Blender become through this process? Most would say pretty close to human!…

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