Corporate China Integrates Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) continues to grow at a rapid pace globally with China taking huge strides in this field.

On 20th December 2021 a virtual employee, a software robot, was named as “2021 Vanke Headquarters Outstanding Newcomer Award” at the property developer China Vanke.

The AI robot named Cui Xiaopan uses a realistic female voice to contact customers about paying their outstanding debt to the company. China Vanke’s chairman Yu Liang has credited the virtual debt collector for being more efficient than a human.

In another case, Xinhua News Agency, utilizes AI technology to perform the job of a TV news anchor. This Chinese, state-run, news agency uses an AI news anchor to not only read the news, but also present it on TV. This AI was modelled after a “real-life” Chinese news anchor, to make it look more realistic and to mimic human mannerisms.

You can watch a short clip of the AI news anchor here.

AI technology is rapidly evolving in corporate China and soon this rate of evolution will become the new normal around the globe. Is your business ready to change to AI or will it be left behind?


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